G. Russell Case Works

G. Russell Case

As a painter and a person, G. Russell Case is one of a kind; always possessing a unique approach to his art as well as his life.  His subjects are observations made during his travels throughout the western United States.  He paints directly from nature to record colors and light, and his studio compositions are derived from thoughts and sketches recorded outdoors.


There is an unmistakable honestly present in his painted environments stemming from his engagement with the land painted directly from nature, and viewers may be reminded of other great artists of the west.  The monumental scale of Maynard Dixon or the unfiltered color and light of Thomas Moran both find their way into his visual language.  Yet Russell’s work is simple, pure and fresh.  The viewer is immediately transported into a world created by shadow and light, of immense vistas punctuated by jagged mountains and inhabited by lonesome cowboys.

Russell has had numerous one-man shows and won many awards for his works including the Golden Thunderbird Best of Show at the Maynard Dixon Country exhibition, Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah in 2004.  He resides in Bingham City, Utah with his wife Susanne and their three children.